POSEIDON - Cooling Insert for Fish

The clever air chiller solution for high value fish products

Perfect presentation of fish products!

  • To be used either with or without crushed ice
  • Horizontal or inclined merchandise displays
  • Merchandise display and cooling pan made of seawater resistant stainless steel (1.4401)
  • Liftable evaporator technology ensures easy cleaning
  • Optionally available with connection for a sprayer head

Specialized cooling unit to comply with the requirements for the sale of fish products. Therefore, a proper and safe cooling function and high hygienic standards are most important.

Due to governmental regulations in several countries, fresh fish has to be presented for example on ice. Therefore, the merchandise display shelves of the POSEIDON are perforated to enable melting water to drain immediately. The integrated and fan-assisted air chiller provides an air-curtain above the presented goods. The crushed ice sustains an extended period of time and the refrigeration of the fresh fish from both sides is assured.

For the hygienic cleaning of the unit, all merchandise display shelves can be locked in an upright position. The access to the bottom of the cooling pan for cleaning reasons is easy after folding up the lift-evaporator.


POSEIDON - Cooling Insert for Fish

Merchandise display in horizontal position with marinades,
sauces and salads.
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