Sneeze Guard Top SB-GN (for Self-Service)

Easy Set-Up on Worktops
The compact construction of the Sneeze Guard TOP SB-GN is available for a single-sided or double-sided customer's access to self-service salad buffets. To match your client's needs, it is available in several GN-Sizes.

Two lateral pipe brackets (U-form) made from stainless steel and connection struts allow a self-supporting installation. A glass pad made from safety glass is mounted above the connection struts.
The Sneeze Guard glass panels are securely mounted on inclined tubular consoles. The customer-sided glass corners are bevelled.
In-between the connection struts, a reflector profile holds the highly luminous LED brilliant lights with a colour temperature of approximately 4.000 K (white).
In comparison to conventional lamps, the LED lights allow a saving of up to 60 % energy and an extended lifespan of up to 30.000 hours. The very bright light of the LED lights will set your customers products effectively in scene to assist the rise of the client's interest.

The connection cables of the LED lights are hidden inside the side brackets and guided out of them to be connected underneath the worktop.
The Sneeze Guard Top SB-GN is placed on the worktop and secured by four screws from underneath.


Due to a well thought design regarding the distance of the glass panels to the stainless steel frame, a hygienic cleaning is almost child's play.
WIHA-THEKENTECHNIK, Hakemann GmbH & Co. KG, Barnstorfer Str. 31, D-49424 Goldenstedt, Germany