Refrigerated display case with convertible intermediate shelves

Fully loaded merchandise displays. Always!
Goods are self-advertising. That's why sales are more successful with fully filled merchandise displays!

Differently frequented sale zones, different goods depending on the time of the day, fluctuating amount of supplies or daily sales finals - the PROFI-Counter assures a continuously full merchandise density.

Display shelves that are empty and no longer required, e.g. due to sales finals, can be swung out of the clients field of view easily. Always fully loaded merchandise displays and eye-catching, back-lit advertising banners increase sales!

The adjustment of the required selling space is child's play. Gas pressure springs, invisibly installed in the consoles arms, enable an easy movement of the intermediate shelves.

  • Increased turnover by full merchandise density
  • Clever space management
  • Full merchandise density even at 55% load
  • Customer-specific advertising banners optional
  • ECO models with insulating glass optional
  • Highly luminous LED lighting


Full merchandise density even at 55% load

Clever space management

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